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Log Cabin Ultimate DF Range
Our Ultimate, best selling range of Quality Log Cabins

Our Ultimate DF planning exempt range is ideal if you need extra space, ideal for that chill out zone, garden office, play room, gym or just to store the BBQ and garden furniture. A perfect balance between great value and high quality.

Log Cabin Ultimate TF Range
New and Exciting designs introduced this year!

This range is great if you want to add extra living or storage space but have no more space available in your house. These cabins make fantastic summer houses, home offices or even add a garage or car port for your car!

Log Cabin Ultimate Garden Office Range
Work From Your Own Log Cabin Garden Office!

This is a fantastic range of garden offices. Cut the cost of your overheads and work at home in style & comfort!

Welcome to ultimatelogcabins.co.uk, the ultimate cabin company in the UK and in Europe for the design, manufacture and delivery of quality and value log cabins, garden buildings and timber frame buildings. We have a massive choice of cabins for stylish outdoor living, for home office or for use as an extension to your residential home. We have the widest range and choice of log cabins sizes, styles, designs, timber and wall widths, insulation options and accessories available in the UK. We are confident that we have the right style for you. Our range includes log cabin and garden building styles including log cabin home offices, residential cabins,, garages, studios, bunkhouse cabins, clubhouse cabins, camping pods, Saunas, Summer Houses, Gazebos, holiday cabins, bespoke cabins and custom cabins, and the of course the unique Clockhouse cabin range.
If you are looking for your own perfect and yet individual style of log cabin, ultimatelogcabins.co.uk, is the right place for you to look.
Buying a log cabin online is almost certainly a new experience for most people. We want to help make your experience enjoyable and rewarding, and as we have far more experience than most other companies in this area, here are some thoughts about how to go about it, and what to look for. When you walk down the high street, and you know what you want to buy, you automatically know which shop to head for. When you surf the internet looking for log cabins, you want to look at the 'shops' before you look at the products. If you want a log cabin that is both good quality and great value, you need to look for a company with experience, a commitment to quality, a real understanding of log cabin design, manufacture, delivery and construction, and with a proven record for innovation and style. Do beware recent internet only companies. The companies that have the best cabins are simply those with established track records and experience of working with the best timber suppliers and mills in Europe. Newer internet companies just will not be able to offer that. By all means look around at other log cabins, but we are confident that you will come back and choose the perfect log cabin from ultimatelogcabins.co.uk.

Top Cabin Features
  • 100% Pressure Treated FSC Timber

    100% Pressure Treated FSC Timber

    will not rot or decay & will last for years...

  • 28mm Timber Floor Boards As Standard

    28mm Timber Floor Boards As Standard

    are longer lasting and much, much stronger & safer than thinner, inferior 19mm flooring that is used elsewhere...

  • Comply With Current Planning Legislation

    Comply With Current Planning Legislation

    No planning permission required for our cabins under 2.5 m high - add extra living or storage space without the hassle!

  • 5 Point Locking Double Glazed Windows & Doors

    5 Point Locking Double Glazed Windows & Doors

    tilt & turn facility* & weatherproof seals keeps your cabin warm and cosy during the winter months with the added peace of mind that it is highly secure...

  • Double Strength <br/> Roof Perlins

    Double Strength Roof Perlins

    We take the time to cut each perlin at a 90 degrees to ensure they take the full weight of the cabin. We put your safety first that is one reason why our cabins are the best on the market!

  • Range Of<br/> Log Thickness

    Range Of Log Thickness

    28/34/44/70 plus twin skins 34/34mm and 44/44mm for all year round use - now that is choice you will not find elsewhere!

  • Interlocking<br/> Design

    Interlocking Design

    no need for all those screws, nails and tools as all our cabins interlock meaning that there is no damage during construction...

  • Bespoke Designs <br/> Available

    Bespoke Designs Available

    if you have a design in mind then contact us to discuss your requirements as we have many years experience in creating tailor made cabins...

  • Range Of Extras Available

    Range Of Extras Available

    Foundations, insulation, roof finishes, guttering, verandas, room dividers, lean to sheds and more...

Ultimate Log Cabins is part of The Cabin Group, which has been working closely with LV Log Cabins in Europe, with experience in timber buildings since 1991. When you choose a cabin from Ultimate Log Cabins, you are certain to benefit from those 22 years of experience in sourcing and machining quality timber for a quality cabin. And the proof of quality is in the detail. We have consistently been the first to innovate and introduce higher quality windows and doors on our log cabins, from the introduction of double glazing as standard on 38mm walls and above, the fitting of tilt-turn windows, 5-point locking, double seals on windows and doors, and robust 28mm floors as standard.
If there was a single, simple reason to choose Ultimate Log Cabins above other cabin sellers, it would be the standard offering of a beautiful and strong 28mm floor, not the bendy - bouncy 19mm from most other suppliers you might find.
There are many reasons for choosing a log cabin from Ultimate Log Cabins You will undoubtedly like the stunning good looks, the practical storage and layout, large windows to let in extra light for working or to enjoy the view onto your garden, the sturdy construction, the quality fittings doors and windows, the ease of assembly, that wonderful outdoor smell of fresh wood, the easy maintenance, and of course the amazing value and price. And of course you have the peace of mind that we have done the detailed work to ensure you can relax and enjoy your fantastic new log cabin from Ultimate Log Cabins.
Lets look into the quality in a little more detail. At Ultimate Log Cabins, we know that a purchase of a new log cabin is a big decision for our clients, and one that must be a good investment to increase the value of your home and also complement and enhance the
appearance of your garden. At Ultimate Log Cabins we understand these things, and are confident that you will be amazed and rewarded by the blend of value and quality of our log cabins. The key points to look at and consider carefully with regard to quality are the timber itself and the machining process, the floor, the windows and doors.

New Cabins

We only use modern and efficient CNC (computerised) timber machinery, to ensure that our innovative designs that can be accurately machined and easily assembled. Our cabins are only made from high quality cold grown Larch and Pine from Siberia. The quality of the timber is a vital element in allowing us to offer you a great looking log cabin or garden building with both superb quality and great value. So how do you know to look for quality timber? Of course, you have to start with quality trees. Quality timber is slow grown timber, and as far as mother nature is concerned, slow means the tree has to grow and love growing in a cold climate. Trees that are grown in a warmer European climate will grown faster, have fewer and wider growth rings, and ultimately will not be as strong as colder slow grown timber. So you will not be surprised to learn that at Ultimate Log Cabins we only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch. The other advantage to slow grown Siberian timber is that, compared with timber grown in warmer some European climates, there will be fewer side shoots, and therefore fewer branches, and in turn fewer knots in the wood. Of course a small amount of knots is visually appealing, but too many knots becomes unsightly and ultimately will weaken the building, or even cause floor or roof sections to split or break. So too many knots is a bad thing, and is another reason why we at Ultimate Log Cabins only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch. And quality timber offers you a wonderful aesthetic experience. Only our slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch has that smooth touch, that wonderful natural colour, and the unforgeable smell of fresh cut timber. And the better the quality, the more those experiences of touch, smell and looks will last a lifetime in our log cabins and garden buildings.
At Ultimate Log Cabins, we offer a higher quality floor than our competitors.
We only and always fit 28mm quality tongue and groove flooring as standard. No bend. No bounce. No creaking. Just a quality floor that will last a lifetime. Why? Because the floor is where inferior cabin manufacturers will try to save some money. They will offer 19mm flooring, which might look great, but after a short while, when you step onto it, you will feel it bend and bounce, and you will immediately know you should have looked for a stronger and thicker flooring. Buy a log cabin with a cheap 19mm floor and you could regret it with every step. Your pride in your new log cabin could vaporise. But choose a quality log cabin from us, and every time you walk across that quality floor, you will be reminded that you wisely choose Ultimate Log Cabins.
On to the windows and doors. The quality of the individual windows and doors of a log cabin are key to ensure that the whole cabin exudes both style and quality. Each time you use your log cabin you will see the door up close, open it and close it. Using the analogy of a quality car, the sound of the doors defines the quality of the product. Our doors will not squeak and they will not jam. They will not twist or warp, given proper care. At Ultimate Log Cabins, we have spent spend our time and attention sourcing the best quality doors and windows, and offering them at such great value. This care and attention to detail is your assurance that we offer only the best quality metal hinges, handles and fittings. We were the first to offer higher quality double glazed windows and doors across the whole of our log cabin range with 38mm log wall thickness and above, and also as an option on smaller cabins.
And at Ultimate Log Cabins we were the first to offer tilt-turn window mechanisms as standard as part of our double glazed units. We insist on higher quality timber frames built by specialist joiners, and use double seals. As a result, our windows open and close quietly and smoothly, seal perfectly, and provide an ecological barrier against the heat, cold, and sound. Our doors are of a similar high quality to our windows, are fully sealed with quality hinges, locks and handles, and are available in various widths including extra wide doors for wheelchair access.

FREE Delivery...

Take advantage of our free delivery on all our Log Cabins, We use a professional, efficient team of delivery drivers. We offer kerb side delivery to most locations - more details


We offer a full Log Cabin installation service carried out by our fully trained, professional team of installers - more details

Best Door And Windows...

Most cabins come with double glazed ‘Tilt & Turn’ windows with multi point locking system as standard for added security - more details

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We have always been at the forefront of innovation with cabin design, manufacture and the detailed design of fittings in garden buildings and log cabins such as the Clockhouse, the Camping Pod, and home office or residential cabins where we introduced the innovative twin- skin dual wall construction for highly insulated log cabin and garden buildings. The quality of construction of our log cabins is amazingly high, and yet offers fantastic value for money. We have a range of different wall thickness to suit all your needs, uses and of course different budgets, including the innovative twin-skin dual wall design with an extremely rigid and interlocking inner and outer wall, providing a perfectly sized gap into which insulation can easily and cost effectively be added. We specify high quality felt or residential quality felt shingles for the roof, in a variety of different colours and effects. The double glazed window and doors provide the benefit of 'tilt and turn' flexibility as standard, allowing the windows to be opened either from the top for ventilation, or fully from the side, and allow very easy cleaning. The windows and doors are made to a quality that is better in fact than in many homes in the UK. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes of window, and in many of our cabins the position and number of the windows brings light flooding into the cabin. This is great for working in a studio or home office, and also gives you a wonderfully framed view onto your garden. Not only do we offer a range of log cabins in various shapes and sizes, but also with different window positions. With such a range and variety of window positions, sizes and shapes, you can choose a style of log cabin which is not only just right for you, but which allows you to choose you own log cabin that suits your very own style and needs. And you can be sure that it will look just great too.
And why do we offer such a large range of log cabins and garden log buildings?
Quite simply and truthfully, there was a time when all log cabins all looked just like every other log cabin. But this was not good enough for us. At Ultimate Log Cabins, we saw that our clients had a more demanding taste. And so we introduced the first and original Clockhouse log cabin, a pavilion style of building. And since then we have been the first to introduce style of garden building and log cabins that are wider log cabins, deeper cabins, taller cabins, more compact cabins, with storage cabins, cabins with inner walls, multi room cabins, cabins with verandahs, cabins with decking, cabins with larger windows and cabins with more windows.
Ultimate Log Cabins has for many years been an experienced innovator and leader in the construction and design of a range of buildings and log cabins, including insulated log cabins, log cabin saunas, summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, twin skin dual wall log cabins, residential log cabins, gazebos, log cabin home offices, bunkhouses, cabin garden buildings, camping pod cabins and log cabin studios. Our log cabins are built from carefully selected slow grown Siberian pine in Europe, offered in a range of wall thicknesses including 28mm 34mm 44mm 70mm 90mm 34/34mm 44/44mm 70/70mm and 90/90mm.
We have experienced personnel overseeing the selection, design and manufacture of our cabins in the Baltic, and so can ensure the highest quality and best value is brought to you. You can be assured that we attend to the smallest details personally and locally. We have a network of show sites nationally across the UK and Ireland, with their years of experience and knowledge you can be certain to get the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses from Ultimate Log Cabins.

Hello and Welcome from Ultimate Log Cabins...

We are an experienced and well established company which has built up years of long lasting trust with our customers.

We aim to offer first class in quality and service along side unbeatable prices.

We have a great range of quality log cabins and timber buildings that are great value for money and easy to construct. If you are looking for the full package then we can take care of it for you, from helping you to choose the right log cabin through to preparing the foundations and constructing your log cabin.

Our range includes cabins which are less than 2.5 meters high meaning no planning permission is required to add one of these timber buildings to your garden. Add extra storage space or leisure space without the hassle and without breaking the bank!

Our camping pods are compact, funky little units which offer great sleeping solutions. Do you have a piece of land available? Why not add a few camping pods and earn extra income?

Our range of garden office log cabins offers a practical and affordable solution to working from home. They are spacious, warm and so versatile. Plus they smell so much nicer and are much warmer and more attractive than concrete buildings.

All our log cabins are available in six different wall thicknesses: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 35+35mm / 44+44mm twin skin. All our twin skin log cabins have double thickness walls meaning that they can be used all year round.

A range of optional extras are also available from foundation bases, guttering, roof shingles, insulation, lean to sheds, verandas and more our range of extras just keeps on growing so that you can create your ultimate log cabin in one simple step!

We also offer bespoke log cabins. If you have a design in mind or want to change the position of a door or window then feel free to give us a call to talk about your requirements and let us help turn your dream log cabin into a reality.

All our log cabins with 44mm wall thickness and above include EU standard double glazed windows and doors with tilt and turn facility, 5 point locking mechanisms for security and weather proof seals.

Our cabins are designed with safety and security in mind. All our log cabins/timber buildings come with 28mm flooring and double strength roof perlins as standard quality you will find hard to beat elsewhere.

Keep your eyes peeled for a number of new log cabins that will be available shortly from log cabin garages, log cabin workshops to log cabin mobile homes and residential log cabins. We will also have our own exclusive range of log cabins that wont be available anywhere else! For more information please contact us or visit our FAQ page or self build guide for help.

Why Choose Ultimate Log Cabins?

• Largest range in UK - we are proud to offer a wide range of quality built log cabins and timber buildings from log cabin garages, log cabin offices, summer houses, gyms, play areas to residential log cabins and more. We supply to private homes, businesses and the public sector.

• Latest technology - we stay at the forefront of log cabin design and innovation by using the latest technology using CNC precision machinery to ensure our cabins are designed and built to our set quality standards time and time again.

• 15 years experience in the trade - our suppliers have many years experience supplying all types of log cabins and bespoke designs to customers. We have built a relationship based on trust and respect.

• Socially responsible - our manufacture only uses quality 100% pressure treated pine wood which is sourced responsibly, FSC approved and EU approved glazing.

• Quality Guaranteed - our log cabins are built to last for many years. We only use top quality materials and our log cabins are the only ones to offer 28mm flooring as standard on our 34mm plus cabins compared to other log cabins on the market which are cheaper and inferior quality. We don't skimp on the cost as we believe that you get what you pay for.

• 12 Month Guarantee - We are confident our log cabins will stand the test of time and that is why our customers are covered by a 12 month guarantee. We offer 12 months guarantee on wooden doors and windows. Longer warranties available on residential windows and doors due to higher quality.

• 4-6 week Delivery - we believe that we are one of the fastest and most reliable companies on delivery. Our experience means that we have a smooth process in place to ensure fast delivery to your customer.

• Installation - all our installers are experienced, professional and highly skilled, ensuring log cabins/timber buildings are constructed efficiently with minimum fuss or disruption.

Top Cabin Features

• 100% pressure treated FSC timber - will not rot or decay & will last for years

• 28mm timber floor boards as standard - are longer lasting and much,much stronger and safer than thinner, inferior 19mm flooring that is used elsewhere

• Comply with current planning legislation - No planning permission required for our log cabins under 2.5 m high - add extra living or storage space without the hassle!

• 5 point locking double glazed windows and doors - plus tilt & turn facility (available on 34mm< cabins) and weatherproof seals keeps your cabin warm and cosy during the winter months with the added peace of mind that it is highly secure

• Double strength roof perlins - robust structure for safety and durability

• Range of log thickness - 28/34/44/70 plus twin skins 34/34mm and 44/44mm for all year round use - now thats choice you wont find elsewhere!

• Interlocking Design - no need for all those screws, nails and tools as all our log cabins interlock meaning that there is no damage during construction

• Bespoke designs available - if you have a design in mind then contact us to discuss your requirements as we have many years experience in creating tailor made log cabins, turning your dream cabin into a reality!

• Range of extras available - Foundations, insulation, roof finishes, guttering, verandas, room dividers, lean to sheds and more...